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The Sound of Opera

Using my backing tracks

Private use

You can use my tracks for private, non-commercial purposes, for example rehearsals at home. You can also use my tracks to make your own cover but only if you post your cover on YouTube, properly credited, ad-free and without monetization. Please inform me once you have uploaded your video.

Credits must be given in the video itself and in the description of that video. The correct way to credit me is:
"Backing track by Aberforth D, www.thesoundofopera.com"

You can also post an extract of at most 30 seconds on other social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) with reference to the full cover on your YouTube channel. The full cover, however, must be exclusively hosted on YouTube.

Alternatively you can showcase your talents on Smule where I also post my backing tracks. In that case I strongly recommend that you first practice on YouTube before recording on Smule.

Public performance without my explicit prior permission is strictly prohibited and I will not grant permission for commercial use. The reason I am so strict about non-commercial use is that I make my tracks available for free. I do not sell my videos and I do not want people to make money out of something that is given to them for free. Of course, the implicit self-promotion by placing your cover on YouTube is perfectly fine and even encouraged.

Educational use

Music teachers can use my tracks for free in their lessons, but only online so that each time you use them it counts as a view on my channel. This means that you are not allowed to download the videos/tracks for offline use. Using my tracks online is the way you pay me for their free use and to help me grow my channel. In addition it would be nice if you and your students subscribed to my channel.