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The Sound of Opera

Using my backing tracks

My tracks can be used in a variety of settings, be it for private purposes, music lessons, covers, public performances, TV or film productions, and more.

Private use

You can use my tracks for free for private purposes, for example:

  • rehearsals at home;
  • small performances for at most 20 people.

Educational use

Music teachers can use my tracks for free in their lessons, either online or offline as follows:

  • Online use: You can stream the tracks from YouTube and other streaming platforms during your lessons so that each time you use them it counts as a view on my channel. Downloading the videos/tracks for offline use is not allowed. Using my tracks online is the way you pay me for their free use and to help me grow my channel.
  • Offline use: You can purchase a legal copy of the tracks from Apple/iTunes, which you can then use offline in your lessons.

Public performances

It is possible to use my tracks for public performances. The conditions depend on the size of your audiences. In general, a fee is due if you want to perform for more than 50 people. No fee is due if you perform for smaller audiences, but you still need to comply with some minor conditions. More information can be found here.

If you want to use a specific track for performances for more than 50 people on a specific occasion, you can get a license for €5 by filling out a simple registration form.

If you want to use more than one track, or perform for more than 50 people on more than one date, you can get a license starting from €6. More information can be found here.

In some cases I may give permission to use my tracks free of charge for larger audiences than 50 people, but this is usually restricted to performances in an educational setting. Examples are:

  • end of year concerts at music schools and conservatories;
  • performances in an educational setting for a non-paying audience.


You can use my tracks to make your own YouTube cover. No fees are due if you don't monetize the video and the video is free of sponsored content. If you want to monetize your cover, you can acquire a license against payment of a one-time fee of €35 per track. In either case you have to comply with the following conditions:

  • You must own a legal copy of the track which you can purchase from Apple/iTunes.
  • A cover must be you, optionally with others, singing over the original backing track in a traditional operatic style, without the addition of other instruments or manipulation of the backing track. Purely instrumental "covers" are not allowed. Please inform me once you have uploaded your video.
  • Credits must be given in the video itself and in the description of that video. The correct way to credit me is:
    "Backing track by Aberforth D, www.thesoundofopera.com"
  • You can also post an extract of at most 60 seconds on other social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) with reference to the full cover on your YouTube channel. The full cover, however, must be exclusively hosted on YouTube.

If you want to monetize your cover, please contact me to acquire a license.


Alternatively you can showcase your talents on Smule where I also post my backing tracks. In that case I strongly recommend that you first practice on YouTube before recording on Smule.


My tracks are also available on TikTok and some other platforms. You can use them within the rules of those platforms.

Sync licensing

Synchronization licenses for TV and film productions are managed by CD Baby. Some producers may also find it helpful to access my music through their syncing software provider, Synchtank. If you are unable to locate my music via those channels or have any other question, please don't hesitate to contact me for further assistance.