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The Sound of Opera

Ebben? che diavol fate? (Banda - Part 2)

Gastone appears at the door asking what is going on, but Violetta assures him it is nothing. When Alfredo is about to leave, Violetta gives him a camellia flower and asks him to return it when it has withered. Overjoyed, Alfredo promises to return the next day. Violetta agrees and they say their goodbyes.

This part of the score is supposed to be played by the "banda interna", which is an on-stage band, but I chose to let it play by the pit orchestra. See "Che è ciò?" for more information on this topic. The final chord normally coincides with the first bar of the succeeding chorus. However, for this video I chose to keep both parts isolated from each other so that the final chord sounds without the leading "rumble" of the next number. Consequently, the video for the chorus will start with a "clean" rumble, excluding the final chord of this video.

  • Violetta
  • Alfredo
  • Gastone