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The Sound of Opera

È strano!... Ah fors'è lui (Aria Violetta - Cantabile, Full version)

È strano!... Ah fors'è lui (Aria Violetta - Cantabile, Short version)

When all the guests have left and Violetta is alone once again, she wonders what that strange feeling in her heart is. Could she truly be in love? Could this man, who came here while she was ill, really have awoken this strange feeling?

The abridged version omits the second strophe "A me fanciulla, un candido" which is often cut in performances, although there is nowadays a tendency to include it more often. Other differences are:

  • The full version is executed more slowly overall than the abridged version.
  • Although not written in the score, both versions have a fermata on the last syllable of "tumulTI" and equivalent passages, but it is more pronounced in the full version.

  • Violetta