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The Sound of Opera

Né rispondi d'un padre all'affetto (With full cabaletta)

Né rispondi d'un padre all'affetto (With short cabaletta)

Né rispondi d'un padre all'affetto (Without cabaletta)

In a blind rage, Alfredo wants to take revenge for Violetta breaking up with him. Germont tries to stop his son, begging him to return to his family, but Alfredo runs away to meet Violetta at Flora's party.

Germont's cabaletta "No, non udrai rimproveri" is often abridged or omitted entirely. I have therefore made available three different versions: A version without cabaletta, a short version with the abridged cabaletta, and a long version with the full cabaletta. The videos assume that the oppure for "vieni, t'affretta a consolar" is only sung in the first repeat of the full version. In the short version and the second repeat of the full version the regular notes are assumed.

  • Alfredo
  • Germont