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The Sound of Opera

Je vais danser en votre honneur (Duet, first part)

Carmen dances for Don José but when a bugle call is heard from afar, he says he must return to the barracks. This upsets Carmen and she immediately wants to put an end to their love affair. This is the first of three parts of a long duet for Don José and Carmen.

This video does not include the optional mocking scene where Carmen mocks José during their quarrel: "Il souffre de partir". This part is not in the original vocal score and is also missing in open source orchestral scores. It's one of the parts that was cut by Bizet himself but unearthed by Fritz Oeser in the 1960s. As it became popular through his edition, it is nowadays included as an optional part in modern scores such as that by Robert Didion.

  • Carmen
  • Don José