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The Sound of Opera

Je suis Escamillo, torero de Grenade (Duo)

Escamillo arrives at the smugglers' camp looking for Carmen with whom he is in love. Instead, he finds Don José who challenges him to a knife-fight.

This video does not include the second skirmish between Don José and Escamillo: "Je la connais, ta garde navarraise". Although it is in the original vocal score, it is missing in open source orchestral scores. This part was presumably cut from the opera shortly after the premiere but it is nowadays standard included since Oeser, Didion and Langham Smith all included this part. The reason I had to exclude it is that it is not available to me in open source orchestral scores and that it was also mercilessly removed from Bizet's autograph score (missing pages 26 to 39).

  • Don José
  • Escamillo