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The Sound of Opera

A deux cuartos (Chorus of sellers)

The fourth act opens on the square outside the arena where Escamillo's bullfight is about to start. Sellers of water, oranges and fans try to sell their goods to the gathering crowd.

This track includes the 15 bars coda that exists in Bizet's vocal score but was cut from orchestral scores after Bizet's death, presumably to accomodate a ballet composed by Guiraud. It was re-instated in later publications but these are not in the public domain and could therefore not be used by me. Fortunately, the coda survives in Bizet's autograph score as well (folio 502 to 504), so I used that to reconstruct the missing bars.

  • Zuniga
  • A seller (soprano)
  • A gypsy (bass)
  • Soprani 1
  • Soprani 2
  • Tenors 1
  • Tenors 2
  • Basses 1
  • Basses 2